Art & Mental Health: In conversation with Jasmine Farrow

  • Structure and shape can be the building blocks of any great work of art, however the composition does not always have to be representational. :

Abstract artist Jasmine Farrow speaks openly and candidly about her mental health and how it impacts her work. This inspiring video tells the story of her battle with anxiety and depression, as well as other health issues and how she has used art to grow as a person and artist. Farrow talks about her creative process and offers others who may be struggling with their mental health inspiring words of advice. A brave account of how it feels to be an artist experiencing mental health issues,this is a great watch for anyone looking to better understand or remember they are not alone.

Filming Credit: Jasmine Farrow

Filming Credit: Jasmine Farrow


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  • Becky

    2 years ago

    I loved this video, so inspiring and engaging. Wonderful art work too, what a fanulous human being and an inspiration!