Changing Office Art Exhibitions

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Support Artists

A workplace art exhibition allows you to showcase the best of today’s early career artists in your office space. All of the art is for sale offering people the exciting opportunity to purchase work for their own homes, friends and family. Invite people to discover original contemporary art in their office and to learn about a diverse and talented range of artists.

Joining the Little Van Gogh network makes you a Patron of the Arts and as well as giving artists a platform to show and sell their work you also help artists to access international exhibition opportunities and to develop creatively with initiatives such as the Little Van Gogh Residency.

  • Make your employees proud
  • Promote a diverse range of artists
  • Learn about emerging artists
  • Support artists as part of your CSR programmes


New Art Every Two Months

Office art completely transforms the working environment and by changing it every two months, you inject energy into the workplace. Everyone approaches art differently and by introducing a new artist every two months, you create an opportunity for people to discuss their thoughts with one another as well as ensuring that you cater for a range of tastes.

Our team will offer a short talk about the artist you are showcasing every time the exhibition is changed as well as providing you with internal communications to engage employees with your patronage.

  • Cater for a wide range of tastes
  • Keep the office feeling fresh
  • Give people something inspiring to talk about
  • Discover new artists


Health & Wellbeing

Art plays a powerful role in the workplace and is an essential addition to any mental health strategy. Art has a transformational effect on a space and more importantly, the people in it. Office art not only demonstrates to employees that the company cares, which in and of itself enhances morale, it inspires people and pushes up creativity levels. Workplace art reduces stress, inspires pride, and boosts productivity. Having your art changed every two months guarantees stimulating discussion about the new artist’s work. Invite people to share their opinions, to articulate how the art makes them feel. Art for offices, that changes regularly is a sure way to increase wellbeing in the workplace.

  • Show employees you care
  • Create an inspiring workplace
  • Reduce stress levels
  • Boost health and wellbeing



Our experienced team of workplace art consultants and office art technicians look after every step of the process. From advising on the positioning of the artwork through to installation, our passionate team make the transformation process enjoyable and straight forward. Insurance of the art is always provided and there is no need to adjust your own buildings or contents insurance to accommodate your workplace art exhibitions.

We offer workplace art exhibitions across the UK from London and the home counties up to Manchester.

  • Art installation, delivery and art changeovers taken care of
  • Insurance included
  • Seamless service
  • Friendliest, professional team EVER

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Featured artwork on this page: Top image; artist Lisa Mounteer-Watson. ‘Support Artists’ image; artist Jasmin Farrow. ‘New Art Every Two Months’ image; artist Nadine de Klerk. ‘Simple’ image; artist Caroline Atkinson.