The 2018 Little Van Gogh Artist Residency Announcement

  • Structure and shape can be the building blocks of any great work of art, however the composition does not always have to be representational. :

Artist residencies play an important role in an artist’s journey, offering them distance from the constraints and expectations of daily life and usual creative practice. We are delighted to announce that the artist to be awarded the 2018 Little Van Gogh Residency is Peter Corr.

Peter will be the second Little Van Gogh artist to have been awarded this New Forest residency.

“As an artist, I see visual ‘reality’ – the external world – as only a part of our understanding and perception. We see in relation to ourselves, our past, and the events that shape us as individuals. If my paintings have an uncertain quality it is because I feel that the world within us and around us is in a constant state of flux and transformation. During my residency in the New Forest I hope to produce work that reflects aspects of the location and environment but I don’t envisage that it will be a direct visual replica of what I see.”

Peter will be provided studio space and accommodation for two weeks in April to work on his proposed project.