We Believe in the Power of Art in the Workplace


We believe in the power of office art, and for good reason. In the UK we spend an average of 40 hours per week at work and office art can enhance our experience and wellbeing during those hours.

We bring culture into the workplace by helping businesses to support and promote professional, emerging artists. By changing the art exhibition every two months we create energised, cultured spaces that generate buzz and get people talking.

A compelling alternative to art rental, becoming a Patron of the Arts is great way to connect with artists.


Why office art exhibitions?

Our carefully curated office art exhibitions offer a significant contribution to workplace engagement and in a world where the pace of life is increasingly fast moving, art promotes mindfulness, health and wellbeing, contributing to flourishing workplace culture.

Having access to stimulating, original art during your working hours is an exciting and rewarding prospect for employees. We offer people an opportunity to connect with and experience the work of new artists on a regular basis as well as a chance to buy inspiring artwork for themselves, their friends and families.

Changing the art every two months creates an engaging office environment and allows you to celebrate diversity and cater for a broad range of tastes.

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Check out our artists

We work with over 700 of Europe’s most exciting rising stars. Our catalogue features art for offices by an expertly selected group of exceptional, creative professionals. We exhibit the work of emerging artists across the country and also provide international artist exhibition opportunities such as the Little Van Gogh Euro Tour amongst others.

We know that an artists’ creative development is equally important leading to the launch of the Little Van Gogh Artist Residency last year.

Our international catalogue is made up of exclusively original paintings. All of the art exhibited is suitable for the working environment and spans a wide range of styles from abstract art, figurative to landscape.

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How would an art exhibition impact on your workplace?