Art Exhibitions for Offices

Little Van Gogh invites art into the workplace in a unique and engaging way. We work with talented emerging artists to deliver dynamic art for offices that changes every two months. A compelling alternative to art rental, an exhibition allows artists to sell their work and makes gallery quality art accessible to people at work.


Buy Art

Our exceptional catalogue of international artists will blow you away! At Little Van Gogh we are passionate about making contemporary art accessible. Whether you buy art via the art exhibitions we provide to your office or buy art online, we invite you to search our catalogue of Europe’s most talented emerging artists.

Support Artists

Little Van Gogh helps businesses to support emerging artists and become Patrons of the Arts by exhibiting art in their meeting rooms, receptions, break-out areas and restaurants. Businesses are able to support artists in their offices and make a wide range of original art available to employees, giving them the opportunity to buy affordable art if they want to.

Energise Your Office

Changing your office art regularly injects it with colour and energy. It creates an unforgettable space and a striking first impression. With every change of art, the office will take on a new look as well as creating an exciting and cultural talking point.


Engage Your Team

People thrive and are able to reach their full potential in an environment in which they feel valued. Office art not only enhances a space aesthetically but by changing the exhibition, as opposed to using long term art rental you continuously offer your people new experiences and engage them in their office environment. You also give employees an opportunity to take an interest in the Arts whilst offering them a chance to take contemporary art home at affordable prices should they wish to.

Everyone Catered For

Choosing art for offices can be a daunting task as you will never please everyone by putting up one style of art. By regularly changing the art, you can cater for a variety of tastes and encourage people to engage in discussion. Little Van Gogh looks after every aspect of the exhibition, giving you the option to get as involved as you want in the selection of the office art via your online wish list. 

Office Design

Moving office or an office refurbishment can be a very busy time for any business. Little Van Gogh works alongside office designers and architects to ensure that the stress is taken out of having to source and install office art. Changing the art regularly makes the process simple ensuring that there is something for everyone.