Smartphone Tips



Choose a focal point for your shot or use the rule of thirds. This means dividing your image into three sections, vertically and horizontally and lining up elements of your image with those imaginary lines. (Some phones have a grid setting you can use for exactly this)



Take advantage of good natural light and use it to add elements such as contrast, interesting shadows or even colour to your photograph.


Keep your phone steady

Take your time. Find a stable position and keep as still as possible whilst you take your photograph.


Work it!

Don’t stay in one fixed position. Move around and experiment with different angles and distances.


Capture a moment

Photograph a scene that includes an event in action. Look out for activity and capture a clear moment in time.


Use your feet not your zoom

Get closer to something rather than using your zoom for a better photograph.



Remember to turn your phone sideways if that suits the shot better.



Take photos regularly and get into the habit of capturing what’s around you.