Are the paintings original?

Yes the paintings are all original works of art


What size are the paintings?

The paintings range from 70 x 70cm to 100 x 100cm


What hanging mechanism is used?

We use an adjustable hanging system that allows your artwork to be moved up and down the wall, whilst also being easy to remove without any need to redecorate.


How often is the art rotated?

The office art exhibitions are rotated every two months


How do we find our artists?

Our experienced scouts visit degree shows, art fairs and artist studios to find talented, promising early to mid-career artists. We also receive a lot of submissions from artists wishing to be a part of our catalogue.


I’m not sure if my office space is suitable. Can you come to have a look?

Absolutely. We are able to visit your office (with PPE) and can also offer remote consultations on a video call if you prefer.


Can you help me to promote the office art exhibitions?

We want you to get the maximum impact from your office art exhibitions. We will provide you with tailored communications to use internally and externally, every time you exhibit the work of a new artist.


Who insures the artwork?

Little Van Gogh provides insurance for your artwork. You do not need to make any adjustments to your building or contents insurance.


What happens if someone wants to buy a painting?

Little Van Gogh will look after the entire process. A buyer simply gets in touch and we look after payment, collection and delivery of the artwork as well as the replacement of the sold piece.


Can we choose which artists to exhibit?

You can have as much or as little to do with the selection of the art for your office as you wish. You can build a wish list of artists that will be prioritised to your office.