The Mundipharma Photography Competition

Welcome to the fourth year of the Mundipharma Photography Competition. Following the year on year success of this competition, we have created five brand new categories to push you to your creative limits.

The general theme for this year’s competition is ‘Through My Lens’. We want to see the world through your eyes and create a collection of photographs that show us the unique perspectives that make up our exceptional community on the Cambridge Campus.

There are five categories to enter with each category being divided into two sub-categories- a smart phone category and a digital camera category. To enter this competition, all you need is to be a Napp, Bard or Mundipharma employee. We want to see the world the way you do, so grab your phone or your camera and get snapping!




My Workplace - Through my Lens

We are a diverse community of more than a thousand talented people working together on one campus. Each one of us experiences our environment differently, whether it’s through the work that we do, the space that we occupy or the ways in which we interact. Show us what is unique about the way you experience your workplace.


My PassionThrough My Lens

What is your passion? It might be your pet, a sport, a way of life or an idea you hold high. It could be a person, a place or an activity. Show us the thing that inspires you, the thing that fires you up or lies close to your heart.


My CommuteThrough My Lens

Commuting to work is something we all do, yet each of our experiences is different. Take stock of your unique journey and help us see it through your eyes.


My World and its CulturesThrough my Lens

Whether you travel near or far, show us the cultures, communities and destinations that have lit you up or left an impression.


My Creative PerspectiveThrough My Lens

Art is everywhere if you just look closely enough. Show us creative, mind bending images featuring interesting perspectives, patterns and textures.


The Competition

There will be 10 winners, two for each of the five categories, limited to one winning photograph per entrant, regardless of number of categories entered. Applicants may submit photos taken with any type of photography equipment including a smart phone. Of the two winners for each category, one will be awarded to a smart phone photograph and the other to a photograph taken using any other type of camera equipment.

The final date for submissions is midnight on Sunday 31st March 2019 and the winners will be contacted by 10th April.  

Each winning image will be printed and exhibited on site. This exhibition of the winning prints will be rotated around the campus buildings for 12 months.  At the end of the exhibition each winner will be presented with his or her photograph to take home and keep.


How to enter

To enter the competition, send your images to the below email address. Attach only one image per email, along with the details as listed below.

Maximum file size: 10MB

Format: JPEG

File name: Your name followed by image number, eg. JBloggs1 or JoeBloggs1

Please send one image file per email

Send to:

Maximum number of submissions: Five photographs across any categories


What to include in each submission email:

  • Full name

  • Email address

  • Title of photograph

  • Category

  • Smartphone or Camera


Additional Information

We are not setting any rules on the resolution of the submissions. We will ask the winners for the highest resolution images they have before printing, so you may email a lower resolution for judging if you wish.  Please also beware that low resolution may limit the size that may be printed.  You may optimise your image, or manipulate it as you wish, but the judgment will be made on the photography.

Please remember that the images will be displayed in our offices, so please make sure that the content is appropriate.

The competition will be judged externally by the art committee at Little Van Gogh. The entries will be judged for their artistic and technical merit, composition, content and originality.




Outline terms

Eligibility: The competition is open to Napp, BARD and Mundipharma employees. Each entrant may submit up to five images in total, regardless of category.

Each entrant will be limited to one winning photograph regardless of number of categories entered.

Entrants may use smartphones or other camera equipment (but must state which in their application email)

The final date for submissions is midnight on Sunday 31st March 2019 and the winners will be contacted by 10th April.  


By entering the competition each entrant confirms:

That they took the photograph and carried out any processing work themselves. Entrants confirm that they own the copyright and are not infringing any other rights over the image. Copyright and all Intellectual Rights of each image will remain with the entrant.

That they have the permission of any person on the image to exhibit the photograph.

The decisions of the judges is final.