Back to Back Exhibitions Across the UK

In a world where people are busy and the pace of life is increasingly fast-moving, we make art exhibitions accessible to people in office environments. By offering them a chance to connect with professional up and coming artists and buy original art, we engage with anyone from seasoned art collectors to curious novices with our dynamic, touring exhibitions.

We exhibit a collection of original artwork by one artist in an office’s reception, meeting rooms, breakout area etc. The collection is moved to a new location every two months and with each change it finds a new audience.

Emerging Art Exhibitions Art for Offices.jpg

Little Van Gogh looks after all art installations, logistics, transportation and insurance. The artist is guaranteed back-to-back exhibitions, with the assurance that their work will constantly be exhibited (allowing for turnaround time between shows).

Alongside the art exhibition is a pricelist and an engaging write up about the artist. Depending on the venue, artists are also promoted by video, intranet, newsletter and printed catalogue. 

We are deliberately pitched at the ‘affordable’ market. We cap our prices at £2,500 per painting and tend to sell best under £1,000. 

Our commission is 20% of the asking price and the artists’ work is also displayed on our website with options to buy.

We will always try to promote artists via social media, our blog and newsletters and provide artists with creative opportunities such as our Little Van Gogh Artist Residency.

Little Van Gogh is an international network with bases in the UK, Belgium, France, Germany and Holland. Where we can, we give artists the opportunity to exhibit their work abroad, offering the same chance to artists from other network countries to exhibit here in the UK.

This year marks Little Van Gogh’s 23rd anniversary and there are currently just over 700 artists in the Little Van Gogh network.