Art for Financial Services

Our experience working with financial institutions and professional services organisations spans 23 years. We have cultivated an approach to art consultancy that delivers aesthetically stunning projects that fulfil determined objectives.

Art can generate a powerful first impression. Our job is to create the impact you want whilst promoting the best of today’s emerging artists. With expertise in employee engagement, we curate art experiences that enhance the workplace and contribute to happier, healthier working lives.


Case Study:

A global financial organisation approached us looking for a meaningful way to integrate art into the atrium of one of their city offices. Already the corporate sponsor of a large British arts institution, the firm supported (and continues to support) major public art exhibitions.

We created a workplace art program, drawing inspiration from some of the worlds greatest artists featured in their public exhibitions to curate shows by emerging sculptors for their city office space.

We quickly went on to develop a similar program promoting emerging painters in the organisation’s Canary Wharf office. This office art program is thriving and follows the template of our workplace art exhibitions.

Through the development of internal communications the program has been successfully engaging employees and championing seven artists every two months, making jaw dropping art constantly available to employees to enjoy, purchase and take home to friends and family.

Additionally, following creative consultancy for the client entertainment lounge, we sourced thought provoking sculpture by emerging artists. We also went on to develop a workplace art program for their Manchester office, with a general focus on the showcase of northern emerging artists.


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