Orna Schneerson Pascal

Passion and Pattern: The Art of Orna Schneerson-Pascal

If artist Orna Scheerson-Pascal embodies anything, it's self-expression. Her rhythmic, technicolour paintings radiate energy, joy and confidence and it may surprise you to learn that contrary to her brazen work, she was a timid child at school.

“I was very shy but not for my work, with my art I never cared if people said anything,” explains Orna, “at school I never really listened, I was always decorating my notebooks.”

Artists’ view: Creating a large body of work

Every artist in the Little Van Gogh network creates a unique collection of eleven paintings. But how do they go about achieving this vast creative task?

Creating a large series of artwork – with a consistent theme and style – at first sounds like a huge challenge. For many artists, however, it’s simply a natural next step as part of a lifetime of creating art.