Office Art

10 ways to engage employees using your office art

Are you making the most of the art in your workplace? Art plays a significant role in enhancing wellbeing, reaching far beyond the aesthetic to lower cortisol levels, instil pride in ones’ workplace and ultimately contribute to a more productive team. Don’t let your art be a missed opportunity to engage employees. We tackle 10 ways to maximise the positive impact the art in your workplace has on employees.

How to use Art to Hire the Right People

We hear all the time that ‘our people are our best assets’ or to take it a step further the right people certainly are.

Art is a powerful tool, especially when you understand that it has more to offer than just its aesthetic qualities. Carefully chosen pieces can make a big impression on potential employees, as well as improve your staff retention levels.

Artists’ view: Creating a large body of work

Every artist in the Little Van Gogh network creates a unique collection of eleven paintings. But how do they go about achieving this vast creative task?

Creating a large series of artwork – with a consistent theme and style – at first sounds like a huge challenge. For many artists, however, it’s simply a natural next step as part of a lifetime of creating art.