New Forest

The 2018 Little Van Gogh Artist Residency Announcement

Artist residencies play an important role in an artists journey, offering them distance from the constraints and expectations of daily life and usual creative practice. We are delighted to announce that the artist to be awarded the 2018 Little Van Gogh Residency is Peter Corr.

Peter will be the second Little Van Gogh artist to have been awarded this New Forest residency.

The Little Van Gogh Artist Residency

The Little Van Gogh residency is back for the second year. Residencies play an important role in nurturing artists on their creative journey, offering them the gift of time and space to make potential creative evolutionary leaps in their practice.

In April 2018 Little Van Gogh will be inviting an artist to take time away from their normal environment to stay and work in the New Forest National Park.

Attention Little Van Gogh Artists!

An exciting and exclusive opportunity coming your way… The Artist Residency

Artist residencies offer an artist an opportunity to develop their creative practice in a completely new environment. From painters to writers, musicians to poets there are residencies all over the world that invite creatives to come and explore their practice away from home.