Guerrilla Girls: Not Funny Ha-ha

Famed for their provocative posters the Guerrilla Girls are an anonymous group of feminist art activists who have been campaigning for a democratic art world since 1985. Their many thousands of posters and stickers have made their way from stealth street projects to exhibitions and museums worldwide; you’ll even find their punchy slogans printed onto homeware and T-shirts in the Tate and Saatchi gift shop.

Attention Little Van Gogh Artists!

An exciting and exclusive opportunity coming your way… The Artist Residency

Artist residencies offer an artist an opportunity to develop their creative practice in a completely new environment. From painters to writers, musicians to poets there are residencies all over the world that invite creatives to come and explore their practice away from home.

Artists’ view: Creating a large body of work

Every artist in the Little Van Gogh network creates a unique collection of eleven paintings. But how do they go about achieving this vast creative task?

Creating a large series of artwork – with a consistent theme and style – at first sounds like a huge challenge. For many artists, however, it’s simply a natural next step as part of a lifetime of creating art.