Art Trends 2018

Inspired by 2018 colour trends, discover our curator’s selection.



Think simple pleasures and a natural way of life. If you appreciate the pared back, organic, down to earth approach then these deliciously mellow artists are for you.

'Summer Towns'  by Mireia Izquierdo

'Seascape 2' by Mandana Khonsari

'Sky Sketch #7' by Alan Perriman

Party Poppers

If you’ve been fired up the adventurous colour palettes of the season, look no further. Fun-filled escapades are just around the corner with these hand-picked party animals.

'Tribeca Rooftop Cocktails' by Darren Baxter

'Doors' by Orna Schneerson Pascal

'Sundance' by Tessa Coe


Bold opulence meets timeless elegance to create sultry and dramatic spaces. Discover art that nods to the classics whilst maintaining its contemporary edge. 

'Orka 1' by Anna Dora

'Koi on Black Aqua' by Lily Greenwood

'New 1' by Sheryl Roberts