Say ‘I love you’ with these top 4 symbols…

Pagan festival come global (and just a little commercial) celebration of love; Valentine’s Day in nearly here. Love never fails to inspire artists; from poets to painters, emblems of love crop up in cultures all over the world.


The classic heart

This organ is thought to have been the centre of emotion by many including Aristotle and is our best known universal symbol for love today.

Tina Ashton quite literally puts heart and soul into her paintings… you’ll find a hidden heart in each one of her season themed collection.

Sun glows on my summers day, 76x76cm £295

Moon Chills My Autumn Night, 90x90cm £495

Sun streams through my spring trees, 76x76cm £295

"Wherever you go, go with all your heart" Confucius



The feeling of falling in love is often described as having butterflies in our stomach. Butterflies exist as a symbol in many different cultures, representing love, transformation, freedom and hope.

Inspired by traditional kimono designs, Lily Greenwood’s delicate butterfly eruptions are the perfect way to say "you give me butterflies".

Butterflies on Black, Ochre, Aqua, 76x76cm £850

Butterflies on Heather,  76x76cm £850

Butterflies on Ochre, 76x76cm £850

“Love is like a butterfly: It goes where it pleases and it pleases wherever it goes“ Author unknown


The Stars

For centuries humans have looked to the stars in matters that concern the heart. From ancient cultures such as the Egyptians through to today’s horoscope in the paper, it seems entrenched in the human psyche to star gaze for answers in love.

Veronica Gudmundson explores the cosmos, creating ethereal, evocative pieces that capture the power and mystery of the night sky.

Cosmic View, 80x80cm £850

Star Cluster, 80x80cm £800

Cosmic Perspective, 80x80cm £850

“Love knows not distance; it hath no continent; its eyes are for the stars” Gilbert Parker



Gifting flowers as an expression of our emotion has long played a role in human ritual. Believed to have started as a prehistoric tradition, there is no doubt it is well and truly engrained as an expression of love.

Katherine Close creates uplifting floral arrangements. There could not be a better way to offer flowers in the form of art.

Orchids, 76x76cm £175

Purple Anemones, 76x76cm £175

Tulip, 76x76cm £175

“Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine to the mind.” Luther Berbank