Office Art: Where to position it for maximum impact

Art plays a powerful role in office design and should not be overlooked or deemed a luxury. It is known to boost productivity and is an immediate and visible sign that a company cares about its employee and visitor experience.

Aesthetically it offers texture, colour and the ‘finishing touch’ but it also injects culture, rendering a space more welcoming. Art, just as offices do, comes in a whole host of styles. The right art, in the right place can have enormous impact on the way a space is used, the way that people interact and the way that people feel.



A striking piece of art in reception can ensure a memorable first impression. With limited wall space, corporate identity signage and art can often be in competition. It needn’t be an either-or; a balance can be struck with art complementing and enhancing corporate identity very effectively.


Working area

Open plan working spaces can benefit greatly from art. With no walls to interrupt the view, it can usually be seen from anywhere on the floor. This makes for a very inclusive experience, bringing people together and benefiting the entire team.


Meeting Rooms

By nature meeting rooms are places that people come to talk and discuss ideas. Interesting artwork can prompt an opening conversation, breaking the ice prior to getting down to business. It’s also a great opportunity to showcase a company’s cultural depth and personality, providing visitors with an insight as to the kind of people that they are doing business with.


Restaurants and breakout areas

Food and conversation have long walked hand in hand. Art in a restaurant or canteen can provide a welcome distraction from the stress of the day. It invites people to switch off and engages colleagues in non-work related discussion.


Lift lobby

Waiting for a lift offers the perfect opportunity to look at artwork. Lift lobbies are often dead spaces in an office and can be ideal for an art exhibition. You have the added bonus that conversation about the art may replace the usual silence of the lift ride and enhance what would otherwise be an uneventful part of the day.