13 easy ways to enjoy art in everyday life

Immersing ourselves in art for a few hours at a gallery isn’t something many of us have time to do regularly. But whether you’re or a casual art admirer or a full-time fanatic, there are lots of ways to feed your eyes and your brain with art every day.

Virtually no effort is required; just keep your eyes open and you’ll be amazed at how easy it is…

1.     Browse greeting cards

Card shops are an unsung treasure trove of artistic inspiration – for example, many of the iconic illustrated New Yorker magazine covers now appear on cards. Next time you buy a birthday card, why not choose an extra card for your own mantelpiece or desk.

2.     Listen to an art podcast

Podcasts are having a huge renaissance as listeners reap the benefits of 30 or 60 minutes of themed conversation. Although a visual medium, art actually works surprisingly well as a podcast topic. Take a look at The Royal Academy’s range of podcasts spanning lots of artistic genres.

3.     Pile up illustrated books on your coffee table

Flicking through a gorgeous coffee table book of photography, illustration or paintings for just a minute a day is a quick and easy way to enjoy art literally from the comfort of your own sofa. Curate a pile of 3 or 4 books so that there’s something for every mood.

4.     Spot creative graffiti

Creative graffiti and street art has come a long way in the public perception, and is now quite rightly viewed as a legitimate form of art – and one that most of us can easily view, for free, every day. Street Art News is a great source of global news and inspiration about the genre.

5.     Take photos on your phone

Everyone with a smartphone is a potential artist. Make the best of inspiring moments or scenes and take some shots using your camera – it’s a great way to open your eyes to the natural art within the world around us. You could even swap a shot a day with a friend.

6.     Choose a colour a week to seek out

This is a very low effort technique that’s great for anyone craving creativity and vibrancy. Simply choose a colour and look for it in your everyday life – either for an hour, a day or over the course of a week. You’ll really start to notice the unexpected ways it appears in our lives.

7.     Change your phone background

The average person in the UK checks their phone over 80 times each day. That’s a lot of opportunity to view an inspiring image or piece of art as your lock-screen or desktop background on your phone or tablet. For your computer, Microsoft search engine Bing syncs its daily-changing wallpaper with your desktop.

8.     Pop into a gallery in your lunchbreak

Twenty minutes gazing at some paintings or sculptures is the ideal time-out from your working day. Keep your visit short and you might even be able to persuade some less arty colleagues to come along – a great way fire up some debate in the office.

9.     Hang art in your workplace                                       

Of course we are biased, but we’ve seen that having art exhibited in the office is a great way to improve communication, encourage positive debate and enhance creative thinking amongst the team. Art that changes regularly is even better, keeping everyone interested over time.

10.  Follow art profiles on social media

With the meteoritic rice of visual-based social channels like Instagram, Flickr and Pinterest, many of us now browse a world of colour and photography every day. But go beyond following friends, interior designers and food bloggers and add some arty profiles – such as Jacksons art supplies on Instagram or the Tate on Pinterest.

11.  Create your own art

Many of us have a creative streak that we don’t release in everyday life, but give it a chance and you might be surprised at your talent. Doodle on a notepad or get involved when the kids are finger-painting. You could also create art in other ways – like icing a cake in a creative way.

12.  Sign up to Ello

Ello describes itself as ‘the creators network’ and is an online community of visual artists that anyone can join. Unlike other social networks, it doesn’t run any advertising, so the focus is truly on the work – which ranges from classical photography to super-quirky illustration.

13.  Turn art into a day out

Integrate art into a fun day out with friends or family – whether that’s a visit to a castle packed with historic portraits, or something more art-orientated like Hampshire Open Studios. Little Van Gogh is part of the 2016 program, where over 250 artists welcome the public into their creative spaces for free exhibitions and talks during the summer months.


In a world where people are busy and the pace of life is increasingly fast-moving, Little Van Gogh makes art accessible to people in office environments, offering them a chance to connect with professional artists and buy original art. Our Make Art Accessible campaign in 2016 is all about promoting the availability of art to everyone – in public spaces, at home and at work.