The Art of a Good Gift

With gifting season fast approaching it’s time to start browsing art.

Receiving a beautifully made, original work of art, chosen or perhaps even made just for you… it’s magical

What’s the occasion?

A Christmas gift... A festive theme

Giuliana Lazzerini, Snow Fox

For a wedding... A homage to love

Lorraine Benton, The Kiss

Your anniversary... A special city

Mark Fisher, London#1

Birthday present... celebrate a passion

Marcus Bolt, Sundowner

How to present your gift...

Purchase the piece in good time and then think about how to present your gift…

- Why not install the piece in secret and elude to the gift in a card with a message such as, “There is something a little different about the living room… shall we take a look?”

- Travelling? Keep the painting in the box it arrived in and simply wrap with paper that suits the occasion.

- Display the piece on an easel and cover with a piece of velvet to stage a dramatic unveiling.

- For under the tree? Wrap the art loosely with tissue paper and pop it in a giant gift bag.

To frame or not to frame?

The size and style of a frame is very personal. If the piece looks great without, leave it to the lucky recipient.

If you feel confident with your choice, go for it.

If you’re struggling, why not include a voucher for framing.

Little Van Gogh can help with all of the above including art selection, framing vouchers… we can even lend you an easel and velvet for an unveiling.