Tips for outstanding well-being at work

Nutritional Health

Fruit Bowls

It’s old but it works. Making bowls of fresh fruit readily available is a great way to help employees achieve their five a day.

Recipe Group

Start a recipe group. Enabling people to share their passion for food can spark new friendships and encourage employees to think about what they eat.

Step away from your desk!

Encourage people to eat away from their desks.

Pineapple , Marcus Bolt

Pineapple, Marcus Bolt

 "Eating at your desk encourages mindless eating, and overeating," says Susan Moores, RD, (spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association).

Help people to take a break from their screens and to give their food the attention it deserves.


Social and Cultural

Art exhibition

Have an art exhibition in your office that changes regularly. By changing the art regularly you create a talking point that will encourage people to debate and share their personal opinions.

“Looking at and discussing art fosters creativity,” explains Chloé Adams (Director at Little Van Gogh). “It helps people to think in new ways and encourages people to listen to one another’s ideas.”

Eisberge auf Feuerland , Christel Haag

Eisberge auf Feuerland, Christel Haag

Start a club

Encourage employees to start clubs. It could be a book or a film club that meets monthly to discuss a set book or movie. This can help people to strike up friendships and can offer an opportunity to learn about something new.


Organise an art or music workshop. Taking people out of their comfort zone can motivate people to support one another. Also inviting people to be creative is a great way to disrupt set thought patterns and facilitate thinking outside the box.


Physical Fitness

Provide showers

Make sure that people have somewhere they can shower and get prepared for the day post exercise. Many people avoid cycling or running to work because they don’t want to come in sweaty and dishevelled.

Fignon vs Le Mond, Rob Ijbema

Fignon vs Le Mond, Rob Ijbema

Gym bunnies

If you don’t have a gym at the office, offer your employees gym membership locally. It’s something that many people want to do but never get around to organising and means that employees may choose to go together and become chums outside of the office.

Sport and classes

Start a sports team. It could be football, netball or even a running club that meets once a week before or after work. Providing a space that you can invite a yoga or pilates instructor in to is also a great way to encourage not only physical health but also mindfulness and relaxation.