How a feel-good factor at work can improve profits

Investing in making your staff feel happier at work is money well spent, with studies showing happiness can increase productivity and profits. Find out how your company can achieve this.

It’s a fact – feeling good makes people more productive. Studies show that having happy staff equals a positive impact on profits [1], and companies that invest in bringing a feel-good factor to their workplace reap the financial benefits.

With the average employee spending over 42 hours a week at work, satisfaction within a role is crucial to everyone’s job satisfaction. But looking beyond that, a pleasant office environment is one of the key factors than can improve professional happiness.

Workplace Art

Of course, not every company can be like Google – Fortune magazine’s ‘Best place to work’, which gives its teams free in-house restaurants, nap areas and official time off to pursue hobbies – but there are easy ways to improve your company’s environment, such as:

  • Exhibiting art

  • Filling up bowls of fresh fruit each day

  • Putting a bright sofa in a meeting room

  • Giving everyone a plant for their desk

  • Adding warm uplighters 

“A company that’s taken the time to think of the finishing touches clearly cares,” says Chloé Adams, Little Van Gogh’s director. “We believe that exhibiting art is a great way to show staff that they’re valued, which improves morale and productivity.”

Companies that exhibit art in the office really make an impact with staff, with 84% of employees feel that exhibiting art was evidence of the company’s interest in improving the quality of life in and out of the office. 

It’s not only your staff that feel the positive impact of an artistic office space. Displaying original art on display sends a clear message to clients, too: we care about our environment, we’re doing well and we’re here to stay.

 “We give our clients a Patrons of the Arts certificate every month that states that they are supporting the current artist being exhibited, which always serves as a strong talking point with their clients,” says Chloé.

However you work to make your staff happier, seeing positive results in both culture and profits are sure to follow – which can only be good news for everyone.

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[2] A survey carried out by the IAPAA (International Association for Professional Arts Advisors) and BCA (Business Committee for the Arts) of 800 employees.