Little Van Gogh is proud and very excited to be launching The Euro Tour!

Little Van Gogh brings the arts and business together by exhibiting the work of talented emerging artists in offices all over Europe. The exhibitions change every two months, show casing a new artist in an office with every exhibition. This means that people have an opportunity to experience gallery quality art at work very day and even buy it if they want to.  

The Euro Tour was created to give Little Van Gogh artists an opportunity to show case their work internationally. 19 specially selected artists from across Europe will be taking part in the tour. 

Here in the UK we work with some of the most exciting emerging British talent. Three of our UK artists have been selected to take part in the Little Van Gogh Euro Tour. Their work will join that of the 19 other participants in a four year touring exhibition set to make stops in France, Germany, Belgium and the UK.

Each artist will spend 12 months exhibiting in one country before moving on to the next.

Little Van Gogh Euro Tour

“This is a fantastic opportunity for our UK artists” says Chloé, Director at Little Van Gogh, “We’re really proud to have had them selected to take part in the tour. It’s a testament to their talent and I’ve no doubt that they will make an impression at every venue they show at.”

The three artists taking part are Sonia Villiers, Yaheya Pasha and Julian St Clair.

Sonia is based in Cambridge and creates quirky cityscapes in bright and vibrant colour. Her collection of European cities is set to start the tour in France.  

“I am so excited that I have been selected by Little Van Gogh UK to take part in the The Euro Tour.

With so many online art websites, to have the opportunity to exhibit abroad takes the biscuit to stand out from the pack.”

Yaheya is an exciting equine artist based in London and starts the tour in Belgium. Her rich mixed heritage inspires her to bring vibrant colour from India and a love of the horse together to create this vivid, highly original collection of work.

“The works I have produced for the Little Van Gogh Euro Tour have been exciting and fun and I believe translate easily to a common language we all share. The creative process is like going on an adventure so this tour has given me the opportunity to create art that showcases the horses I know and love. It has been a joy creating these works and I do feel sad when they leave as they are part of me, but equally I am excited for others to enjoy them’!

St Ives based artist Julian St Clair’s pop art collection will spend 12 months being exhibited in France, before spending a year in Belgium and then the same again in Germany. Julian creates clean, flat graphic works of art. He works with images found in magazines, adverts and print, many of which are nostalgic and have a retro feel to them. He produces eclectic combinations of imagery using a painstaking painting technique that produces results close to a flawless screen print.  

“I’m very happy that LVG have given me this opportunity to show some of my work in corporate situations in mainland Europe."

Little Van Gogh will host artists from Germany, Belgium and France over the four years, exhibiting their work in office spaces all over the UK.

“We work with some fantastic patron companies in the UK. This is equally a great opportunity for them to be part of something really special where the artist is the focus and will bring colour and culture to their space. We hope to engage people further in supporting the Arts by making them part of something exciting, stimulating and worthwhile.” (Chloé, Director at Little Van Gogh)