The 7 top benefits of art in the workplace

What company wouldn’t like happier staff, impressed clients and better communication? Exhibiting art in your workplace can deliver all of this and more. Discover some of the top benefits.

Office Art

1. Create a good atmosphere

“Exhibiting art in your office invites culture into your space and it’s a great way to create a positive atmosphere,” says Little Van Gogh director Chloé Adams. Fostering a positive work culture is essential in motivating your team, increasing productivity and retaining your staff, and art can be instrumental in achieving this.

2. Show your staff you value them

A 2014 study [1] found that employees at Google, which invests heavily in improving staff happiness, are 37% more productive. Investing in art shows your team that you value them as people rather than ‘human resources’, and that you’re keen to improve your employee’s lives in a wholesome way. As Wendy Cartwright of Engage for Success says, it’s about encouraging people to bring ‘their whole person’ to work, as those who do tend to go above and beyond the call of duty.

3. Impress your clients

Since our first impressions are formed within just 7 seconds [2], it’s crucial to make a positive impact when your customers enter your space. Exhibiting art really helps make a lasting impression – whether it’s through a striking piece that instantly captures attention or more subtle art that conveys professionalism and calm.

4. Improve communication

There is no right or wrong when it comes to art, and so by its nature it inspires debate. This invites self-expression and communication, actively encouraging people to share their opinions and listen to those of others. 

It can even help break the ice: “We recently started exhibiting with a company whose main goal was to encourage employees to mix between floors,” says Chloé. “We split the collections by six artists between six floors and immediately employees were doing the rounds to explore who had what and discussing the work. As our art changes every couple of months, over time the teams are genuinely getting to know one another much better.”

5. Boost your CSR profile

Corporate Social Responsibility budgets and activity are integral in being taken seriously as a business, and supporting the arts is a very visual way of showing what your company does. All Little Van Gogh clients receive Patron of the Arts certificates to display, and you can even buy original artwork by our up and coming artists to take your CSR a step further.

6. Reflect your identity

Our choice of art tells the world about what we represent; just as our homes reflect who we are, office decor speaks volumes about a company’s values and identity. Fresh flowers on the front desk or coloured chairs in meeting rooms are great first steps, but exhibiting art lets you truly project your own style.

7. Encourage creative thinking

Turning your office into an exhibition space is a great way to get art in front of those who don’t necessarily have time to go to galleries. It can inspire creative thinking and give everyone confidence that new ideas will be well received. In the words of American football coach Vince Lombardi, “Confidence is contagious – so is lack of confidence.” Using dynamic, changing art can inspire and encourage your staff to think differently.