10 artists’ tips for creating your own art

If you’re feeling inspired to create your own artwork but don’t know where to begin, follow these tips from three of the Little Van Gogh artists.

1. Find your creative space

“Space you can really focus in is crucial,” says Georgina Vinsun, who creates abstract landscapes, “whether that’s out in a field or a little nook in your home that you can transform.”

2. Look for inspiration everywhere

“Start really seeing the things around you – for example, looking in a new way at the buildings you pass while commuting home on the train,” advises Katherine Close, who paints bold floral art.

Purple Anemones, Katherine Close

Purple Anemones, Katherine Close

3. Have a childlike view

 “Admiration and appreciation are key – practice observation and bring out that childlike quality in yourself,” says landscape artist John Dumigan.

4. Get to know your art materials

Test and experiment with artistic tools and material. “But start off using acrylic paint, as it’s easiest to control,” says John.

5. Join an art class or group

Getting feedback and ideas from others in an art group is a great way to develop your skills. “And many art courses can actually be quite affordable,” says Georgina.

Isla, Georgina Vinsun

Isla, Georgina Vinsun

6. Immerse yourself in other people’s work

“Looking at paintings and going to galleries is a good way to understand more about your own style,” John says.

7. Don’t be too literal

“A painting of a flower doesn’t have to look like a real flower,” Katherine says. “Don’t think your work is rubbish just because it doesn’t look like the real thing.”

8. Push through the hard moments

If you get artistic block, don’t worry. Katherine’s advice: “Just put your painting to one side for either half an hour or a few days and then come back to it”

Evening Delight, John Dumigan

Evening Delight, John Dumigan

9. Embrace your own style

 “Understanding and accepting your own style and then taking your work to the right audiences is really important,” Georgina says.

10. Just keep going

“If you have a passion for painting – follow it,” says John. “Nurture your enthusiasm and just keep going.”

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