What our members say...

“I just wanted to say how delighted I am with the artwork being displayed in both the London and Guildford offices. The feedback I get from people is quite remarkable and the work enhances our spaces perfectly.”

— Leading UK Law Firm

“We are truly happy to be part of the Little Van Gogh project and hope that we are helping to put art at the forefront of people's thoughts. The artwork is most definitely the source of many a conversation/debate in the office!”

— International Software Company


What our artists say...

“I am very grateful for Little Van Gogh's support and encouragement throughout my career as an equestrian artist.  It’s been a real joy to work with them as they have not only introduced my work to corporate environments but have helped to nurture me through my journey as an artist."

— Yaheya Pasha, Artist

“Little Van Gogh are fantastic! Knowing that my art is popping up here, there and everywhere and constantly reaching new audiences is hugely satisfying. I've been exhibiting and selling with Little Van Gogh for years and hope to continue for many years to come.”

— Darren Baxter, Artist


“Being awarded the Little Van Gogh Residency made me feel believed in, which is so important. It also allowed me to break down what I thought I understood about my work and my style, and to learn about myself. The Little Van Gogh Residency was an amazing chance to experiment and do something completely fresh, and learn a lot in the process.”

— Lorraine Benton, Artist