Welcome to the Mundipharma Photography Competition


Building on the success of the last two years, the staff photography competition is open for entries once again. Five new categories have been created to spark imaginations and we hope that the competition will continue to stimulate creativity and generate interest in the arts.

Grab your phone or your camera and release the inner artist in you!



Nature & Landscapes

A showcase of nature and the great outdoors, sunsets, scenic and natural or urban landscapes.



Any animals, from a pet through to wildlife and insects.


Travel & Culture

For your travels and adventures, showcasing cultures, communities and destinations.



Creative, artistic images that feature line, shape, pattern, form, textures or perspective.



Any architecture, transportation, industry or cityscapes.


The Competition

There will be 10 winners, 2 for each of the 5 categories, limited to one winning photograph per entrant, regardless of number of categories entered. Applicants may submit photos taken with any type of photography equipment including a smart phone. Of the two winners for each category, one will be awarded to a smart phone photograph and the other to a photograph taken using any other type of camera equipment.

Each winning image will be printed onto canvas and exhibited on site. This exhibition of the winning prints will be rotated around the campus buildings for 12 months.  At the end of the exhibition each winner will be presented with his or her canvas to take home and keep.


How to enter

To enter the competition, send your images to the below email address. Attach only one image per email, along with the details as listed below.

Send to: MundiPharmaPhoto@littlevangogh.co.uk

Maximum number of submissions: 5 photographs across any categories


What to include in each submission email:

  • Full name
  • Email address
  • Title of photograph
  • Smartphone or Camera
  • Category



File type: JPEG

Maximum size: Max 10MB

File Name: Your name and an image number eg. JanSmith1.jpg

(Please note judges will not see the file names when judging)

One image per email

We are not setting any rules on the resolution of the submissions. We will ask the winners for the highest resolution images they have before printing, so you may email a lower resolution for judging if you wish.  Please also beware that low resolution may limit the size that may be printed.  This is a competition for photography, not digital enhancement. You may optimise your image, or manipulate it as you wish, but the judgment will be made on the photography.

Please remember that the images will be displayed in our offices, so please make sure that the content is appropriate.

The competition will be judged externally by the art committee of Little Van Gogh. The entries will be judged for their artistic and technical merit, composition, content and originality.




Outline terms

Eligibility: The competition is open to Napp, BARD and Mundipharma employees. Each entrant may submit up to 5 images in total, regardless of category.

Each entrant will be limited to one winning photograph regardless of number of categories entered.

Entrants may use smartphones or other camera equipment (but must state which in their application email)

The final date for submissions is 12:00 noon on Friday 30th March 2018 and the winners will be contacted by 13th April.  


By entering the competition each entrant confirms:

That they took the photograph and carried out any processing work themselves. Entrants confirm that they own the copyright and are not infringing any other rights over the image. Copyright and all Intellectual Rights of each image will remain with the entrant.

That they have the permission of any person on the image to exhibit the photograph.

The decisions of the judges is final.