Art exhibitions for offices.

Bringing artist and business communities together.



For Offices

We believe in the power of office art, and for good reason. In the UK we spend an average of 40 hours per week at work and office art can enhance our experience and wellbeing during those hours. We help businesses to invite culture into the office by supporting and promoting professional, emerging artists. By changing the art every two months we create energised, cultured spaces that generate buzz and get people talking. A compelling alternative to art rental, becoming a patron of the arts is great way to connect with artists.

For Artists

We curate touring office art exhibitions, taking a collection of works by an artist and exhibiting it in a new location every two months. In a world where the pace of life is increasingly fast moving, we offer people in office environments a chance to connect with professional artists and buy original art. We curate back-to-back exhibitions, ensuring that art is constantly seen, always for sale and being promoted. We know that an artists’ creative development is equally important leading to the launch of the Little Van Gogh Artist Residency this year.

The Art

We work with over 700 of Europe’s most exciting and diverse artists. Our UK catalogue features art for offices by an expertly selected group of exceptional, creative professionals. We exhibit the work of British artists across the UK and also provide opportunities to exhibit further afield. We host exhibitions by Little Van Gogh artists from other parts of Europe and have created opportunities such as our  Euro Tour, currently in its third year. Our international catalogue is alive and dynamic as we constantly expand the spectrum of office art that we exhibit.



“We are truly happy to be part of the Little Van Gogh project and hope that we are helping to put art at the forefront of people's thoughts. The artwork is most definitely the source of many a conversation/debate in the office!”

International Software Company