Imagine the impact an art exhibition could have on your office

Office art is a powerful tool that can take an office from good to great. It reaches far beyond aesthetic decoration and can impact positively on the workplace enhancing well-being, creativity and productivity.

Little Van Gogh helps businesses to connect with artists by curating inspiring office art exhibitions that change every two months.

Our expert team will hang a collection of 10 original paintings by a professional emerging artist in your work space. Two months later, this is changed for a new collection by a different artist.


Our Story

Vincent van Gogh never knew fame in his own lifetime and yet he is one of the world’s most iconic artists. This true story has served as the foundation of Little Van Gogh’s mission to promote professional artists and nurture creative talent. 

The Little Van Gogh concept was born 20 years ago beginning with the championing of a handful of brilliant, young artists in Brussels. Our passion to take art into the world burns bright and since then our community has thrived, growing into an international network, showcasing over 700 of Europe’s most exciting emerging artists. 


Three simple steps


We help to position the art where it will have the most impact.


We install the art professionally.

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We visit your office every two months to change the art.


A new artist every two months

Office Art Exhibitions

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