Touring Art Exhibitions

Little Van Gogh curates touring art exhibitions, taking a collection of works by an artist and exhibiting it in a new location every two months.

We hang a collection of 10 original paintings in an office environment; this could be in conference rooms, atriums or break out areas. We exhibit in a variety of spaces, from minimalist and modern to listed buildings.

Each exhibition lasts two months and is then taken down and transported safely to the next location. The art is carefully handled by our expert team of curators and we hang the work using our own professional hanging system. The art is for sale and is promoted within each office in a variety of ways.


Our Story

Vincent van Gogh never knew fame in his own lifetime and yet he is one of the world’s most iconic artists. This true story has served as the foundation of Little Van Gogh’s mission to promote professional artists and nurture creative talent. 

The Little Van Gogh concept was born 20 years ago beginning with the championing of a handful of brilliant, young artists in Brussels. Our passion to take art into the world burns bright and since then our community has thrived, growing into an international network, showcasing over 700 of Europe’s most exciting emerging artists. 


What our artists think

“Little Van Gogh are fantastic! Knowing that my art is popping up here, there and everywhere and constantly reaching new audiences is hugely satisfying. I've been exhibiting and selling with Little Van Gogh for years and hope to continue for many years to come.”

— Darren Baxter

“I am very grateful for Little Van Gogh's support and encouragement throughout my career as an equestrian artist.  It’s been a real joy to work with them as they have not only introduced my work to corporate environments but have helped to nurture me through my journey as an artist."

Yaheya Pasha

Being awarded the Little Van Gogh Residency made me feel believed in, which is so important. It also allowed me to break down what I thought I understood about my work and my style, and to learn about myself.

— Lorraine Benton.


Office Art Exhibitions

If you would like to learn more call us on 023 8063 4875