Original Office Artwork… Changed Every Two Months

Changing the art in any space completely transforms the way it feels. What more exciting way to engage people than to create an inspiring space that constantly sparks ideas and discussion?

Every two months, the art is changed. This creates endless opportunities for colleagues to share ideas with one another; a powerful catalyst for relationship building and collaboration.

How it works

Original art by talented emerging artists is exhibited in your workplace. Every two months, the exhibition is changed for the work of a new artist… simple, cultural and energising.

Step 1.

Free Consultation. We will visit your office to talk through how art can best support your working environment.

Step 2.

We will come and install a professional hanging system and hang your first exhibition of paintings for the office

Step 3 and beyond...

Every two months we will visit your office and change the exhibition for a new collection of exciting paintings for the office.



The impact an art exhibition can have on your workplace is often far reaching. Contributing to health, wellbeing, diversity, inclusion and culture to name but a few, the power of art knows no bounds.

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Success stories

We work across multiple sectors, curating exhibitions that will best support a company’s people and culture. From professional services to the pharmaceutical and creative, art helps people to flourish no matter where.

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How would an art exhibition impact on your workplace?